Offerings and Services

I always aim to work organically and holistically, responsive to the moment while keeping long term goals fresh and present. This is done with years of training, education, and personal experience, a good sense of humor and non-stop curiosity, and a sprinkling of curse words for emphasis. So how do you want to claim your worth?

Flower Bud Petals

Session by Session

Similar to traditional coaching/therapy work, we meet as often as we decide makes sense

Purple Buds

Coaching Packages

For those who want increased accountability, contact, references, and support

White Feather

Coaching Packages

Working together within a package set-up is designed for those individuals who are eager to do their work effectively with a lot of support. My coaching packages include:

-Arranged in 1 month bundles

-Weekly 1.5 hour session

-Up to 3 15 minute check ins per week

-Full text availability on weekdays

-Printable personal goals/accountability sheets

-Three hand selected resources for your further growth and empowerment chosen weekly (books, podcasts, etc.)

This is really about providing concierge level services in your growth process, like having your coach in your back pocket. 

Session by Session

Generally speaking, life is regularly challenging. Choosing to work session by session is really about creating space for ongoing support through all of life's twists and turns. If we go this route, I request we work together weekly for the first month or two to get to know each other and build trust, then see what is needed from there. Most clients choose to work together weekly or every other week, scheduling extra sessions if needed. Sometimes clients go a month or two between sessions, sometimes they pause for a handful of months and return- whatever we decide makes the most sense for you.