Green Leaf



I've been curious about the way humans work for forever. As a child, I saw the amount of suffering that can exist and started a journey determined to figure out how I can help make the world a better place, in hopes that humanity might fare better.

My path has been bumpy at best, to be perfectly transparent. Along the way I became an activist, a dedicated friend and lover, and a mother. I also became a high school dropout as an honors student, a sexual assault survivor, a narcissistic abuse survivor, a single mom, and experienced incredible scarring at the hands of a superior... And also a traveler, a ceremony lover, one who can sing in 6 languages, a magna cum laude graduate, a master in my field, a leader, and a devoted believer in the power of nature. In my opinion, every scar I have makes me more capable of doing my work with integrity and grace- I am a perfect combination of life's gifts and challenges, hard work, hard knocks, and lucky blessings, just like you.

As it stands now, I live on 5 acres in TN, am in a loving marriage of 7 years, have two beautiful children, two ridiculous border collies, a feisty kitten, and too many plants, and run my world as I see fit. That includes compassion, meditation, good food, yoga, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, hustling, and helping to change the world by helping women heal and rise up, every day, one woman at a time. I believe that as each women steps into her fullest potential, the world becomes a better place. 

Green Leaves