Areas of Coaching Expertise

Executive and Entrepreneurial 

You are motivated to do big things, swim with the big fish, and rewrite the definition of the male dominated business world. This position can often mean major stress, impostor syndrome, doubts, and pressure, all of which can lead us to stumble where we aim to rise. I help my executives slay at their leadership role by cultivating true confidence, communication and time management skills, self-care balance, and enhanced peace, all of which make you not only a better leader in your field but also a better tender of yourself. Whether you already in charge or contemplating taking a new leap, together we will support you in moving with impeccable grace, compassion, and ferocity. 


Everything we do is in relationship- it's how we are wired to exist. Interestingly, relationship is also the place where we bump up against challenges most frequently, whether it's our partners, our children, our co-workers, our employees, or even the act of relating in the greater world. Social anxiety, power struggles, miscommunication- they leave us dead in the water, confused, annoyed, and isolated. The focus here is on understanding the patterns you contribute, the stories that are hardwired, and rewiring them to enhance understanding, intimacy, and connection. We also work on boundary setting, values identification, and trusting your intuition to guide you into relationships that are helpful and out of relationships that are not. 


At the end of the day, I'm a feminist, and I assume you are too. This doesn't mean we have to burn our bras (I appreciate my bras), but it does mean that sometimes we need to take a deep dive into our own reclamation. Maybe you struggle to feel comfortable with sex, are disconnected from your body, or unsure about your identity. Sexuality is complicated and an enjoyable sex life also our birthright. If you are wanting to focus here, we turn to developing deeper self connection and appreciation, understanding your sexual expression and what feels right to you, how to speak your needs, and whatever else you feel like you need to address. LGBTQIA informed and allied, together taking back what society has tried to commodify for, well, basically forever. And I shouldn't have to say this, but #transwomenarewomen , just so we are clear. 


Just because we are functional, doesn't mean we are in charge of our choices. Addiction can take a lot of forms- alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, phones, food- but at the end of the day it is about compulsive actions that impact us and those around us negatively. Our focus is on psychoeducation, understanding the whys, and developing new patterns to replace the compulsive ones. I only work with functional addiction, and if we determine that coaching is not right for you, I can help you find the treatment you need to fully recover and work alongside your team for further support. 

Life Changes/General Empowerment

I have worked with women from all walks of life, all ages, and all different kinds of struggle. The common thread tends to be- life is messy. Life is hard, confusing, baffling, anxiety-provoking, and overwhelming. It is also rich, beautiful, and well worth living with grace and intention. Our struggles tend to be more common than we realize and our capacity to shift is stronger than we know. Whatever it is you are working to shift, it's easier to do it with support. We target your needs and goals and work from there, helping you to claim yourself and your potential fully, moving from living to thriving.