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I hold a BA in psychology and an MA in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Clinical Mental Health Counseling, as well as specialized training and independent study in coaching techniques, as well as years of direct client work. I work with an understanding of the brain, the how's and why's of what we do, and utilize an academic grounding, supported with an open Buddhist ideology, lots of compassion, and a mountain of my own work, to support my clients in making meaningful shifts in their lives. 

I've heard too many people say that therapy just "doesn't do it for them". I get it. We don't always want to talk about our parents. While I'll never knock traditional talk therapy, I think that sometimes we need a support than can be more directive, focused on active transformation, and with room for plenty of feedback. In my mind, coaching is about the present. Sometimes we have to dig into our past to understand why we are acting a certain way in the present, but we don't need to stay there. We need to be here, mindfully and joyfully creating out future.

I aim to be the best of both worlds- empathetic, well educated, with several toolboxes at the ready, while also being clear, goal oriented, and responsive. We are aiming for big shifts in your life, supported by an educated, devoted, and fierce professional (that's me).




MA, Female Empowerment Coach

There is no question that we are living in a world that is full of unknowns and challenges- and living your life masterfully in spite of it is still an option. Now more than ever, we all need the skills to impeccably navigate our lives, to manage the waves of anxiety, confusion, depression, anger, or fear so we don't get lost in them. We need to find our pathways to connection, joy, hope, and a sense of purpose. I help women find their way to living an integrated and embodied life, even in the midst of the chaos. You deserve to face the world each day with trust in yourself, clarity of mind, and grounding. It is attainable and yours for the taking. 


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It's never too late or too early for change. If you're ready to work through what is holding you back, reach out. I return all inquiries within 48 hours.

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